8' FabLite Almond Flat Double-Sided Backlit Portable Exhibit (AB2073N)

8' FabLite Almond Flat Double-Sided Backlit Portable Exhibit (AB2073N)

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Product Description

The new 8' FabLite Backlit Almond display is no fairytale! The new backlit configuration makes FabLite better than ever. By doubling the frame an adding a custom, collapsible lightbar, your branding will pop more than below. Plus, the double frame assembly provides you with additional branding opportunities on the sides, making this a four-sided backlit billboard for your company.

Features of our Fablite Backlit Display:
  • Same affordable, lightweight tubular display with ability to create unique shapes
  • Same multi-functional base plate for layering
  • New double frame assembly can be used as two individual FabLite displays, with additional base plates
  • New innovative, collapsible lightbar illuminates entire display with no hot spots
  • Custom tailored dye-sub pillowcase graphics, with new four-sided branding opportunities
  • Same easy, tool-free assembly
Kit Includes

(1) Double Tubular 30mil Flat Frame

(8) Spreaders

(1) LED Lightbar Assembly Kit

(2) Baseplates w/ Spigots

(1) Pillowcase Backlit Dye Sub Graphic, Double-Sided

(1) Artwork Review Fee

(1) RollOne Case


Display Size:

6" D x 8' W x 8' H

Shipped Weight:

150 lbs


RollOne Case - 42" x 26" x 22"


Graphic Specifications:

Will be provided upon purchase.

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