Cenovus Energy

Katie Wattie,
Cenovus Energy


Cenovus Energy is a leading oil company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 2009, its roots date back to the earliest days of the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. Their operations include oil sands projects, natural gas and crude oil production. Cenovus is respectful of the environment and communities where they work and are committed to progressive approaches to the development of energy.


Cenovus chose a 20’x20’ space at the GLOBE 2010 show for its premiere exhibition. They wanted an environment to introduce their new brand that would be inviting for visitors. In addition, they wanted the flexibility to scale the property larger for use at other trade fairs or smaller for company and community events.


Cenovus Energy’s exhibit uses an open plan and fresh color palette to draw visitors into a space that exudes natural light. Backlit corporate identification is positioned at the highest point of the display below which is a video introduction on a large screen monitor. Graphics feature scenes of the Cenovus team, the customers they serve and the environment. Bistro style seating areas encourage people to congregate. The exhibit integrates a 10’ Instand® pop up display that may be used alone.