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Why Color is so Important to Your Trade Show Display

by Kat Shea 24. October 2012 05:18


Although trade shows and events can appeal to all five senses, the presentation of your company, products, and brand is first communicated visually. So it's no surprise that the graphics you choose will play a critical role in attracting visitors to your display.

Color is one of the most important elements in effective design. It stimulates our brains, engages us, and influences our mood.  The use of color boosts our memory retention.  According to one study by University of Loyola, color increases brand recognition by up to eighty percent. Color even influences our purchase decisions. 

So, given that the right color choices are essential, what colors should you use for your trade show display?  

The natural place to start is with your corporate colors, of course.  After those are taken into consideration, the next step is to look at how different color schemes may be utilized throughout your exhibit design. This can be helpful when selecting flooring colors, laminated surface colors for counters, or even booth furniture such as sofas or bistro tables and chairs.

Work with your designer to explore different color groupings that will maximize the appeal of your display. Using a twelve-part color wheel, locate your corporate colors. Selecting colors adjacent to your corporate colors will create an analogous color scheme. While one color may dominate, using the colors next to each other creates a harmonious grouping for a serene, comfortable design aesthetic. 

On the other hand, if you select colors directly opposite your corporate colors on the color wheel, you will end up with a complementary color scheme.  The benefit of this option is that opposing colors often create maximum contrast, which creates a vibrant aesthetic.

A third option is the triadic color scheme, where you select colors evenly spaced around the color wheel.  For this type of scheme, you should choose one color as the dominant one, and let the other two serve as accents.

Color is a powerful tool when it comes to display graphics. What are some of the fun ways you’ve incorporated color into your trade show display?



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