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Using iPads for Trade Shows, is there an App for that?

by Gwen Parsons 17. April 2013 02:04

We recently heard a great question from an exhibitor "Can iPads be used to interact with clients and capture contact information or are they strictly for disseminating information?"

iPads are already being used by booth staff at trade shows to interact with visitors so YES! and there is an app for that - Nomadic's new Media on Demand App! In fact, our new iPad app for trade 
shows is a hot topic, responsible for quadrupling our Twitter traffic last month.

So here's the scoop- our trade show iPad app allows you to place all of your sales and marketing media at the fingertips of your team on their iPad or iPhone. You simply upload your media – everything from brochures, special reports, and technical specs to photos and videos - to your password protected administrative portal. From there publish the media to your own company branded version of the Media on Demand App on the iPads or iPhones used by your booth staff. Getting up-to-the minute information into the hands of your team is instantaneous.

With our iPad app for trade shows your booth staff will have the ability to share marketing materials specific to each visitor's needs, zoom in on charts and photos, and even play videos on demand. It's a great way to capture leads and follow up in real time. Booth staff simply type the visitor's contact information into the iPad to email product specific information immediately following their conversation.

Any contact information captured in the app is also centrally stored in the administrative portal so it can be exported and uploaded to a database or CRM system anytime.

Put the money you save on printing, shipping, handling, and storing large quantities of sales and marketing information into your own branded version of our trade show iPad app. Speed-to-market is a vital, competitive advantage in today's marketplace. Custom apps are expensive and require months of development time but for a fraction of the price of a custom app, you can be ready to go-to-market in just days.

To schedule a demo and get your 14 day FREE trial of this game changing technology, contact Hendrik Lenze, Director of Business Development.