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Using RFID Technology to Enhance Face-to-Face Events

by Gwen Parsons 26. April 2013 17:54

As exhibitors, we're always looking for ways to provide our visitors with the best possible experience interacting with our brand. RFID technology may be able to help us create more engaging and individualized experiences.

Imagine issuing wristbands to guests at an event that allows them to have their photo taken and automatically uploaded to their Facebook page and your company fan page. Sunglass Hut did just that at the launch party for their retail store in South Africa. The viral aspect of reaching more people through social networks helped generate buzz about the event and new store.

Take a moment to consider the potential for using RFID at your trade shows and events to engage people and boost your marketing signal. Offer a wearable item to automatically check your visitor into Foursquare, which in turn prompts a tweet about the event or your trade show display. Distribute smart cards to visitors to link to their favorite social media site and scan touch points to "like" a product or program. RFID tags can be used to greet visitors by name, trigger videos, change lighting or start music. You can even set up cameras with sensors to note when a number of RFID tags are in the vicinity to take photos of groups. Think Disney park experience. All the attendee has to do is enjoy your content or the event, the RFID chips do the rest for them and for you.

Keep a close eye on what's happening with RFID. Some experts point out that, over the next couple of years, RFID will become cheaper and more efficient at holding information using less power. Researchers are working on ways to print RFID tags on less expensive materials like paper or plastic using inks embedded with an antenna and electrodes.

What experience have you had with RFID at events?


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