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Use Flooring to Enhance Your Trade Show Display Design

by Gwen Parsons 29. August 2013 19:10

Trade show booth flooring is probably one of the last items on an exhibitor’s planning list: tick a box, submit a form, it’s done. Yet companies are missing out one of the most underutilized branding opportunities at their show. We asked Stacy Barnes of Brumark Total Flooring Solutions to share her thoughts on how to better use this valuable real estate.

Exhibit designers integrate flooring into display designs for more than pure aesthetic appeal. Flooring can also be used to define space, direct traffic flow or highlight new product areas. Today there are many more flooring options available to choose from that can help make an exhibit really stand out. In addition to carpet, these include printed floors, vinyl floors, raised floors, tile, and even turf.

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Trade show carpet is popular because it is easily available, comes in a range of colors, is affordable and durable. Find out what color carpet the show contractor will be using on the show floor. Then choose a color that not only complements your display but will also make your exhibit space pop out.

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Inlays can transform a display from average to extraordinary with logos or design motifs designed to reinforce your brand. Just remember: always request a sample of the carpet that you will be ordering to ensure it meets your expectations.

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Welcome visitors into your display by offering them a little something extra…..comfort. Remember attendees spend long days walking the show floor and for a few extra pennies you can upgrade the padding in your display. Not only will visitors notice it, they may appreciate it enough to linger a little longer with your booth staff.

Full color graphic images printed on flooring is another way to extend your brand message. Vinyl offers a variety of patterns and textures including checkerboard, metal, and stone. Laminates and bamboo are popular wood flooring options and don’t forget there are new green materials such as cork and sisal. Raised floors offer lighting options and wire management underneath.

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When considering how to put together your trade show display and market yourself, don’t overlook the floor. It can be a foundational part of your plan!

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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