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Trade Show Inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh

by Gwen Parsons 16. January 2013 21:17

Vincent Van Gogh said “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

Exhibitors dream their program and then create it, too. At a trade show your goal is to reach your target audience. Your advertising campaign, exhibit design and promotional strategies should work together to inspire your audience to visit you and learn about what you can do for them.

Simple? Not so much, which is why exhibitors depend on internal and external resources to write, photograph, design, fabricate, and build material for pre-show, at-show and post-show event marketing activities. That got me thinking about where the various contributors find their creative inspiration.  When asked, the exhibit designers I spoke to said they get their inspiration from the exhibitor; by what the company does and through conversations about what they want to accomplish.

So where do exhibit marketers get their inspiration? There are a number of sources for inspiration including peers, magazines, newsletters, other exhibitors and, of course, websites. Display solution galleries enable exhibitors to browse trade show display designs that offer their desired features, functions and details – or perhaps features that are brand new to them! While some exhibitors locate the exact design they want, many locate several examples to express the characteristics or attributes they want to combine into their own customized display design or environment.

Tell us about your sources of creative inspiration.