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Social Media Strategies to Stand Out at Trade Shows

by Gwen Parsons 26. August 2014 18:38

Photo courtesy of Exhibitor Magazine

Social media can play a key role in your trade show marketing when used before, during and after your trade shows. Through the use of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, you can enhance your trade show experience, augment your results, and allow trade show attendees to:

  • Locate real-time information about new products and services to see at the show.
  • Put your trade show display on their “must see” list.
  • Network with other attendees.

Before the Show

It is important to plan ahead to integrate social media into your trade show marketing strategy. Get your sales and marketing team involved in creating a calendar of activities, and use hashtags, blogs and online communities to build anticipation for the show. A successful social media plan includes:

  • A timeline that details frequency, content for each post, when it will be initiated and by whom to keep your audience engaged, and help visitors connect to social media channels.
  • Joining groups and registering as an exhibitor on Apps created by your show organizers.
  • Creating event pages to promote your participation at shows.
  • Setting clear guidelines for what is considered appropriate for staff members who will be involved in posting.

During the Show

As attendees browse the trade show floor, they’ll be doing so with phone- or tablet-in-hand; they’ll be Facebooking, tweeting and Instagramming in real time, and you should be, too:

  • Assign one individual to check-in on channels periodically to monitor progress and respond to replies. Doing so will free up your booth staff, allowing them to focus on interacting with visitors and promoting your products and/or services.
  • Encourage fans and followers to check-in and receive a reward.
  • Host a Tweetup in your booth, and sponsor special activities or giveaways for everyone who attends.
  • Post photos of your trade show display at the event, or video testimonials of customers visiting your booth.

After the Show

Your trade show experience doesn’t have to end when the exhibit hall doors close. Social media allows you to continue to promote interaction with your brand:

  • Blog the highlights of your show experience: Keynote presentations, conference topics, and industry trends.
  • Keep the conversation going, and include even the individuals who were unable to attend your trade show. Offer slide decks or promotional materials for download.

Stand out. Make yourself known, and drive traffic to your trade show booth using social media channels; and hey, more traffic means more new business opportunities.

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is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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