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Top Tips to Finding "Eggcellent" Trade Show Leads

by Kat Shea 21. April 2011 17:58

The search for qualified buyers at trade shows can bring memories of childhood Easter egg hunts: you search high and low, the competition is fierce and you want to get MORE than everyone else. Before you embark on your next “Hunt”, check out our Show Smart survey of questions used to qualify visitors and avoid getting a “bad egg”.

Talk the Talk, but not TOO much
While you’re trying to promote your products and services, prospects can be turned off by hard sell approaches, so keep it casual. You want to listen to your prospect 80% of the time and the other 20% you should spend asking questions to unveil THEIR latest pain points. Use their responses to guide your sales pitch.

1) What is important to you in selecting the companies you do business with?
2) What is the most challenging aspect of your current (product/service)?
3) What results are you hoping to get with your next purchase?
4) How is a purchasing decision like this typically made? and who is involved?
5) What are your current business priorities? Do you see them changing in the near future?
6) What do you like the best about your current (product/service)?
7) What do you like least about your current (product/service)?|

Keep it Short and Sweet
In 5-7 minutes you should be able to get a sense of their interest in your company/product/services and identify top decision makers. Wrap up your conversation by thanking them for their time and offer to send them information(electronically or in print).

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