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Top Takeaways from Exhibitor 2011

by Nomadic Display 4. April 2011 17:49


The largest conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers, Exhibitor2011, took center stage at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center this week. In between 220 information packed seminars, thousands of attendees hit the show floor in search of cutting edge solutions to address their top challenges.

Attendees were drawn to our gravity defying custom rental trade show exhibit featuring a 400 square foot environment designed to facilitate face-to-face engagement.  We thought we’d share some of our Show Smart strategies on how we drove traffic to our trade show display to help you Stand Apart at your next event. 

Our NomadiTips for Driving Traffic

Comfort Your Prospects Every Step of The Way

Part of giving prospects a positive experience with your brand is ensuring that they feel at ease from the minute they enter your booth.  The more comfortable attendees are in your booth the longer they are apt to stay and chit chat with your sales reps. So something as simple as luxuriously double padded flooring got raves from our visitors. Offering your visitors a seat creates a relaxed atmosphere that can be used to delve into a more personal discussion about their business needs.  Our chic wrap around sofa was the perfect place to engage visitors in a leisurely dialogue with our team.

People Need People
When visitors see a group gathering in your space, it generates curiosity.  Like traffic rubber neckers, visitors slow down to see whats going on to determine whether they want to be included.  So to keep the party going in your booth, use Tweet Ups when foot traffic in the aisles slows down.

Know Your Social Science
Not only is social media a useful platform to promote your presence before the show, but on the show floor it's an essential tool for driving buyers to your display. We strategically scheduled timely tweets when seminars were wrapping up. By monitoring the official event hash tag (ex: #exhibitor2011) we were able encourage key prospects to stop by our booth.

Engage then Enlighten
Whether it's a private consultation, fun filled game or star studded live theatre, provide your visitors with activities that will familiarize them with your brand. Make sure to integrate educational content in the process. Our wide screen monitors played a continuous loop of dazzling display designs and doubled as workstations for website demonstrations. After experiencing our trade show exhibit, visitors were also given a cost estimate of the design as both a purchase and custom rental.


If you missed the fanfare make sure to check out the Show Smart Highlights from Exhibitor and you'll feel like you were there!!