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Top LinkedIn No No's That You Didn't "No" About

by Nomadic Display 12. May 2011 18:41

At some point in your professional career you’ve probably joined 100,000,000 other users on LinkedIn to connect with business colleagues, partners and prospects.  While there are free and fee based options to promote yourself and your brand, here are some commonly overlooked rules to keep in mind when using your personal LinkedIn account for business development.

"No" Your Limit
Contrary to popular belief there IS a limit on the number of invitations you can send from your LinkedIn account.  Your lifetime limit is 3,000 invites per account and it’s limited to sending 50 invites at a time.

"No" The Invite Skivvy
When/if you exceed your limit you may contact Customer Service to request an increase in your threshold of invites.  LinkedIn developed invite limitations in an effort to deter wide spread spamming common with other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn grants additional invitations based on a ratio of acceptances to the quantity of invites you have sent out.  If your acceptance rate is low you will be granted an extra 100 invites but if your acceptance rate is high you'll be granted an additional 500.  You may solicit Customer Service for additional invitation allocations 30 days after your previous request.

"No" Your Groups 
As a LinkedIn user you are limited to joining no more than 50 groups.  So join groups that are relevant to your business, where you can leave comments in the group feed that offer value to members.  When you join a group, be mindful not to be an aggressive self promoter, it's not considered good LinkedIn etiquette.  A softer sell approach is to link back to your blog or web assets in your group comment feed so other group members can easily familiarize themselves with your brand when/if they choose to.

“No” Your Personal Group
If you decide to create your own group, know that LinkedIn limits members to 20,000 per group. After you exceed the 20,000 member limit, LinkedIn may choose to lift the member restriction pending investigation of your group account. The same invitation quantity and additional allocation request rules that apply to personal LinkedIn accounts (above) also apply to groups.

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