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To Rent or Not To Rent: Is the Rental Revolution Right for You

by Nomadic Display 4. January 2011 18:43

With the new Fiscal Year in place and a new budget, you’re probably looking for ways to get the highest return on your marketing investment.

Renting is becoming a more widespread alternative to a full exhibit purchase. We have even created some hybrid rental/purchase solutions to better suit our customer's needs.  Whether or not new budget horizons will allow you to purchase, now is the time to determine whether a rental may be right for your organization.

Below are some key indicators that a rental trade show display will fit your Event Marketing program .

1.) Your company is going through a merger/acquisition
2.) You are beta testing a new product and want minimal financial investment
3.) Your company is rebranding or cobranding
4.) Your company is entering a new market
5.) You need a quick turn around time on a trade show booth but don’t want the generic "one size fits all" look
6.) You want to allocate fewer funds to your  trade show exhibit and more to promotional activities to drive traffic to your trade show booth
7.) Your company has cut back to exhibiting under 3 trade shows in each fiscal year
8.) Your company already owns a custom display but wants to expand its presence with additional accessories without the burden of ownership costs
9.) You want to reduce expenses associated with exhibit property ownership such as: monthly storage, outbound inspection, refurbishment, repairs, upgrades and disposal
10) All of your companies trade show assets are in use at other events and you need a trade show display for an upcoming show

Feel free to browse our rental client gallery and see what customers have to say about Nomadic Rentals

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