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The Science Behind Face To Face

by Nomadic Display 28. April 2011 18:37

It’s no surprise that face-to-face is a more visceral way to connect with prospects: you can introduce yourself with a welcoming smile and a firm hand shake, gauging your visitor's interest level in the process based on their body language. Both Expo Magazine and BtoB make a case for face to face.

Red 7 Media, a parent company of Expo Magazine, reports that 65% of your customers/prospects attend trade shows primarily for their networking opportunities. BtoB Magazine touches on the many  “often imitated NEVER duplicated” tangible aspects of face-to-face that cannot be mirrored in the virtual world:

  • “Face to face events provide marketers with a unique way to reach customers, business partners and clients.” - BtoB magazine
  • “In-person events are better-suited for capturing attendees' attention, inspiring positive emotions and building networks and relationships.” BtoB magazine

Recent studies on social behavior have shown there are ALSO positive psychological effects that result from your face-to-face encounters, consider the following:

Social Brain
Dr. Stephen S. Ilardi notes in his book Friends for Life, that about half of the Brain’s cerebral cortex, where social cues are processed, is devoted to visual input. Reading a text or an email or attending a virtual event is not nearly as powerful as interacting with others face-to-face.

Social Science
When prospects interact with your sales reps in group settings their levels of the toxic stress hormone, cortisol, drop precipitously. Instead chemicals such as Dopamine and Oxytocin surge making people "feel good". That positive experience influences the perception of your brand and helps to cultivate a fruitful business relationship. 

Social Bookmarking
Physical interaction with your team allows customers to visually catalogue and process your brand.  Technology has its place in starting the conversation but it just can't replace a live encounter.

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