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Serving Trade Show Exhibitors Means Going the Extra Mile

by Gwen Parsons 11. June 2015 17:42
Veterans of the trade show industry know to expect the unexpected. After forty years producing trade show displays, we’ve encountered our fair share of surprises.

In fact, back in 1992 we implemented the Nomadic LifeLine: the first 24/7 global emergency service hotline because customer problems often arose after business hours or on weekends when they needed it most. Today we manage to resolve Rescue 911 situations and still make it look easy.

The story below is just one example of what happens behind the scenes to solve a trade show exhibit problem. All company and client names have been withheld to protect participants’ anonymity.

Background The client purchased their Nomadic Display more than a year ago. Just prior to a recent show they ordered a couple of new graphics. The art files were received, printed and shipped to arrive for the show on time.

Friday 3:00pm Customer called in a panic because the new graphics were not fitting properly and delaying progress with setting-up the trade show exhibit. They needed replacement graphics by 8:00am the next morning. Worst of all, the show hall was at least 3 hours away.
3:25pm Our team immediately sprinted into action. Customer Service secured correct measurements from the client. Project Management created revised artwork specifications. The Graphics team resized the art files and prepared them for output.
3:50pm The revised artwork was sent to print. Meanwhile Customer Service continued to research transportation options to ship the replacement graphics for delivery by 8:00am the next morning.
4:45pm The graphics were delivered to the finishing dept.
5:30pm The graphics were delivered to the packing dept.

Customer Service was unable to find any shipping services that would guarantee delivery by 8:00am the next morning. Are you biting your nails yet?
5:45pm Like a comic book super hero, one Customer Service agent stepped up and volunteered to drive the replacement graphics to the show hall. That’s really going the extra mile!
12:00 The Customer Service agent texted the President to report the hand off to an amazed customer.
Saturday 8:00am The President made a follow-up call to the client who reported that the trade show exhibit set-up was almost complete and the new replacement graphics fit perfectly.
Monday 8:00am The President shared this story in a message to our employees “Needless to say you all went above and beyond late Friday afternoon and you did it without one complaint. Well done. For the efforts you all put in, every day, thank you!”

Being a leader means doing everything possible to make it right for your customer, no matter who’s at fault. We take pride in finding solutions to our customers’ toughest problems. After all, you know what they say…”the show must go on.”

What’s your latest 911 story?

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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