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Nomadic at NeoCon East

by Gwen Parsons 24. October 2013 02:17

Trends in trade show displays often reflect design trends from other industries  - architectural design, industrial design and interior design. So I recently found myself at NeoCon East, the premier design expo for commercial interiors where renowned architect and product designer, Michael Graves, was a keynote speaker. Attendees were welcomed onto a show floor carpeted in white. Many of the exhibitors also chose white carpet for their exhibit spaces.  Even the pipe and drape was white. The dramatically fresh effect made 250 exhibits appear to float on a cloud. Many exhibitors had fabric structures suspended overhead which further added to the weightless atmosphere.

trade show display

Trade shows are always a great place to meet up with customers and NeoCon was no exception.

trade show display

RFM Preferred Seating has owned their Nomadic displays for over 10 years.  RFM connected a 10’ Instand® curved model to a 10’ Instand Plus® flat model to create a vista-like backdrop for their colorful range of office chairs where visitors were invited to take a seat. When not out on the show circuit, Kevin Posch, Marketing and Sales Manager, loans them to other offices or has them “sit proudly” in RFM’s showroom.

trade show display

Unicor placed graphics on the rear of their Nomadic Instand® display and incorporated the wall into the office setting that was their exhibit. Unicor office furniture products are made in America by inmates confined within the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  DeLoran Lyles, Trade Show Coordinator, reported that their corporate management team was very positive about the show this year and plan to attend again next year.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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