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Nomadic Kicks The MSAs Trade Show Presence into Overdrive

by Kat Shea 10. March 2011 18:12

Each year the Motor Sports Association (MSA) participates in the Autosport Trade Show, Europe’s largest dedicated trade-only Motorsport show, spanning over 1 million square feet.  Autosport brings together the best of Motorsports under one roof.  After using the same trade show display for the past three years, MSA geared up to launch their rebrand with a totally new exhibit design in their 50’x30’ space for  Autosport.

To drive both buyers and motor enthusiasts to their trade show booth, MSA strategically planned to host a competition using a Batak machine, popular among race car drivers for training purposes. As visitors put the pedal to the metal, the scoreboard would record their scores against F1 and other elite young drivers. One winner each day received a prized driving experience at the famous Silverstone Track in Northhampshire, England.

The Motor Sports Association briefed Nomadic on their needs for a new exhibit design that included: high impact graphics using pictures highlighting 22 different motor competition disciplines, a Batak machine and scoreboard integrated within the wall, a comfortable seating area for client conversations, an enclosed boardroom area with chairs, reception points, and a large storage area with coat stands.

Nomadic provided two designs – one offering plenty of ‘Wow’ factor and the other incorporating more traditional design elements.  Both design options were chosen by the client and seamlessly blended together. Large fabric structure blades provided dramatic height and could be seen from all around the exhibit hall.  Printed fabric graphics were used throughout the trade show booth.  MSA was very impressed by the quality of printing and the sharpness of both text and images.


The space was divided into two areas: color coded carpet was used to distinguish areas within the exhibit space. One side of the exhibit was the dedicated ‘game’ area where the Batack machine was the focal point. Client conversation areas were located on the opposite side. The end result gave the MSA the presence they desired for the event.  The exhibit design allows them to reuse it for years to come by repurposing the game area for other engaging booth activities that fuel sales.

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