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Nomadic Animates Brand Licensing 3 Years in a Row

by Nomadic Display 16. December 2010 18:14

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Turner Broadcasting Systems 40x30' Island, Brand Licensing London, 2010, view 1

This year’s Brand Licensing 2010 was a spectacle of fresh, new products attracting brands and retailers (Licensors and Licensees) from 60 different countries.

Turner Broadcasting Systems, a Time Warner Company, is home to Cartoon Network and other entertainment channels.  Turner became a client of Nomadic Display almost three years ago when we designed the ultimate trade show display for their much anticipated debut at Brand Licensing 2008.

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Cartoon Network (part of TBS) 20x15’ Peninsula, Brand Licensing London, 2008

Nomadic’s Solutions Design Studio created the most memorable trade show display for Turner.  Customers were drawn in by the high definition graphic arches that defined their semi-enclosed meeting area where key buyers were immersed in Cartoon Network’s brand and product offerings. 

Since then, the Cartoon Network’s trade show display has traveled extensively to international destinations including: Poland, the Czech Republic and Dubai.

Turner Broadcasting Systems 40x30’ Island, Brand Licensing London, 2010, view 2 

For their 2010 event, Turner was so pleased with their trade show display, that they returned to Nomadic for another trade show booth to “wow” their audience.  Turner doubled their space so their brands could dominate the show floor.  Nomadic created an unconventional environment full of contrasting shapes and colors that commanded critical attention. 

The exhibit design’s unique features include a 1,650 lb suspended light box with embedded 3D logos, a ten foot tall rotating character, 5 L shaped tension fabric structures that pierced a white wave wall and 12 meeting areas. Turner’s impactful design had buyers lined up from every direction waiting to preview Turner’s portfolio of products. 

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