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How to make customers LEAPFROG to your trade show booth part II

by Nomadic Display 30. December 2010 20:13

Last Wednesday we talked about three ways to drive critical mass to your trade show booth using event landing pages.  We established some simple tactics to optimizing your landing pages such as: harnessing the power of SEO, streamlining your online communications and appropriately engaging your visitors. Below are even MORE ingenious trade show tidbits to drive traffic to your booth.

Last year’s collateral is this year's TREASURE
1)Even if you’re launching an entirely different campaign this year, using last years assets can ignite interest with newbies and prompt repeat visits from your existing customer pool. Incorporate photos and video footage from your trade show booth last year to spark interest in your prospects this year.  Also, if you had a compelling number of people stop by your booth last year, it can always be a selling point in increasing booth traffic this year.

Help'em hightail it to your booth
Make sure to include a hero shot of this years booth (even if it is just a rendering), the hash tag for the event (so customers can follow your tweets live at the event) and a link to the event floor plan (preferably zoomed in on YOUR booth location).  If you realllly want to get snazzy you can add a twitter feed on your landing page with live tweets of the event like Greenbuild did for their 2010 expo.

Know you’re A/Bc’s…
2) If you decide to have a registration form on your landing page (to sign up for event giveaways, attend exclusive lunch and learn sessions etc.) much like A/B split testing the subject line and content in an email, you should a/b split test landing pages and use the landing page design that gets the best results for your Event Marketing Program .

Houston we have Contact
3)There is always the chance that someone is going to have a question regarding your booth and product offerings that they did not think to ask while at the  trade show.  Incorporating a personalized email such as johnsmith@nomadicdisplay.com versus a generic email marketing@nomadicdisplay.com will appear more personal to your customer base resulting in post show inquiries that will possibly lead to sales down the road. 

4) It’s a Landing Page NOT a departure page
Remove any ambiguous inbound links that will redirect your target customer elsewhere.  It’s called a Landing page for a reason, not a departure page.

Landing Pages are conversion genies and when used properly will yield significant return on your investment.