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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Trade Show

by Nomadic Display 18. October 2012 17:45


Even in this age of technology, trade shows are thriving because they offer in-person, face-to-face communication. You meet people, learn about their needs, and show them how you can help them. So why not leverage the power of internet communication and technology, before and after the show? You may have the most enticing and interesting trade show display at the show, but its incumbent on you to drive people to your booth.


Twitter really can’t be underestimated as a tool for getting the word out about the show and your booth, but you have to be smart about how you promote, or your messages will simply get eaten up. Hashtagging your tweets helps a lot – using the agreed upon hashtag for the event will help people filter content, and will make sure that your tweets are getting to the people you want to reach – those who will be attending the event.

As for tweet content, make your booth sound worth visiting! Tell your audience about any special promotions you’ll be running on the day of the event, especially things like prize giveaways that require them to visit your booth. You can also mention any special product launches or other information you’ll be premiering at the show, to get people interested.


When you get to the venue on the day of the event, make sure you check in at the venue on Foursquare, and crosspost that check-in to both Twitter and Facebook. Get the ball rolling by adding tips on the venue page that are related to your booth and will encourage people to visit you. As attendees check in, they can read your tips and add your booth to their “must see” list. Make the effort to draw them in with exciting offers, or even games. You can use tips to provide clues for activities like scavenger hunts for prizes, which are always popular.


Facebook is a great tool before and after the show. You can use it for promotion beforehand much in the same way as Twitter, but you can also use it afterwards to post photos from the event and continue to speak with your audience in a more informal matter. Encourage your booth visitors to follow you on Facebook so they can keep up-to-date with the latest developments, or ask you any questions they may have down the line.

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