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How to Revvvv Up Your Event Social Media Efforts for 2011

by Nomadic Display 7. December 2010 19:00


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According to the Exhibit Media Group 76% of Event Marketers cited social media as their preferred new media marketing tool. Whether you're new to social media or are a web 2.0 master, below are some tips to consider before you gas up for next years social media campaign.

1) STEER clear of being labeled a “Chatty Cathy”
You're well aware of people that tweet ON the hour EVERY hour and are rightfully annoyed by their virtual chatterbox; keeping this in mind, make sure that your tweets are timely, succinct and are of value to your particular market or you might cause your community to hit the breaks and detach from your social media channels.

2) Avoid messaging GRIDLOCK
State your call to action clearly and up front in 140 characters or less (ex: "Register for our B2B Summit"). Your messaging should contain links back to your event registration form/landing page. Use bit.ly to shorten your long urls so you have more real estate for your event messaging.

3) Change GEARS on being a lean mean selling machine
Although upper management may think otherwise, selling is not the primary objective of social media. Constantly pushing your services and selling points may annoy your audience into unsubscribing to your online communications. Make sure to provide your customers relevant information about your event: booth #, product launches, demos, live presentations, giveaways etc. and tips that will help them improve their daily business practices

4) NAVIGATE your key market
Listening is equally important whether you market B2B or B2C. Monitoring your social media streams gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience and cultivate positive business relationships by using applications like Hootsuite, Radian 6,  TweetDeck and newly launched Tweet adder.

In adopting these tips you'll put your social media efforts into OVERDRIVE!!

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