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How to Revv Up your Social Media Efforts Part II

by Kat Shea 14. December 2010 20:40

We noted in last week’s post that part of launching an effective social media campaign isn’t just about pushing your selling points down your customers’ throat, this will most likely cause your valued audience indigestion and hurt your overall brand reputation. Below are some best practices to have in place for future social media campaigns in 2011.

Baffle Them with Brilliance
Part of providing value to your customer base is sharing knowledge, insight and wisdom that will help your key targets improve their business practices. Providing insight and best practices is a way to establish a meaningful relationship with your customers which may lead to future sales. In your social media messaging you can redirect your audience back to your corporate web assets which allows interested parties to opt into your corporate communications. 

Create a Widget Wonderland
Incorporating your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Foursquare widgets in your email marketing campaigns, email signature, landing pages and electronic collateral help grow your follower base, so when it comes time for a corporate event - you can broadcast your message over multiple channels and get better results.

Measure your success and failures
Robust dashboards such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Radian6, (preferred tools for the B2B markets) allow you to monitor just about everything pertaining to your audiences behavior from how many times they visit your Event Landing Page, what web browsers they are using, aggregate click rates and pageviews, they sky is the limit! If you're noticing your numbers and reach is dropping readjust your messaging and re measure.  

Social media is a springboard for your event communications, used correctly and you’ll start reaping the rewards via increased: followers, fans, friends, community engagement, retweets, mentions..the list goes on.