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How a Custom Trade Show Display Rental Can Help You

by Nomadic Display 12. September 2012 21:02

In the trade show game, presentation is everything. With dozens of companies competing for attention in an enclosed space, if you don't stand out from the crowd, you don't stand a chance. So how does a growing business with a limited budget afford a larger trade show exhibit to best show what they have to offer? By renting a custom trade show booth. It can be an ideal solution to free yourself from the hassle and expenses of booth ownership, while still leaving you open to future changes in your marketing approach or your events budget. With a custom trade show booth rental, you can have the trade show display design you want without having to worry about things like storage or maintenance. For many companies, this not only means greater flexibility, but also significant financial savings.

The new Blue Diamond Almonds trade show display is a great example of how a custom trade show booth rental can meet the growth needs of a company within their budget. Although Blue Diamond had some success in the past with inline and backwall displays, as their operations expanded they wanted to take the opportunity to create a more dynamic and attractive presentation area that would accommodate a higher volume of traffic.

After working with Blue Diamond to assess their needs and design requirements, the result was a custom booth rental that is bolder with brighter graphics and towers that are easily visible from a distance. The display is open and inviting. Semi-private seating areas allow for multiple conversations to be held simultaneously. This design allows a company like Blue Diamond to highlight their product range in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere.

Custom trade show rental displays can be created for all kinds of businesses at every budget level, and best of all, by not having to purchase the display, your company can avoid committing to a certain design. This in turn leaves you open to make changes later as your marketing plan evolves along with your business.

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