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How To Steal The Show Floor One Step At A Time

by Kat Shea 27. July 2011 18:21

Our Client SATCO (above) strategically uses carpet inlays and highlights to showcase their products and complement their open booth design

Trade show booth flooring is commonly overlooked and at times is compromised in an effort to meet smaller exhibiting budgets. Something as seemingly average as exhibit booth flooring can actually impact buying behavior and leverage your trade show performance. Below are some Show Smart trends in booth flooring that will expand your booth footprint in Stand Apart Style.

1) Don’t Cause A Traffic Pile Up
Keep your carpet design clean and simple; platforms, multiple tiers and added height can make set up difficult, cause traffic jams and make your trade show display appear less open and inviting.

2) Count Your Pennies – Watch Your Dollar
Keep in mind that booth flooring will increase the overall weight of your trade show display meaning that shipping and drayage with exponentially surge as well.

3) Consider Your Options
Carpet inlays and highlights are strategic ways to showcase certain areas of your trade show booth without putting a dent your budget. Your carpet can also function as a one dimensional brand stand because you can have your logo embedded in your flooring so as attendees approach your trade show booth space your brand is reinforced from top to bottom.

4) Comfort Your Prospects Every Step of The Way
If you decide to purchase less elaborate carpet, adding luxuriously double padded flooring will make booth attendees more inclined to linger in your booth space. The more comfortable attendees are in your trade show booth, the longer they are apt to stay and chit chat with your sales reps.

5) Tell a story …
Depending on how your trade show booth is set up, you can use flooring to communicate the many functional aspects of your trade show display. Incorporate fun and bright colored carpet in the booth activity area and in the VIP section have a more elegant and formal choice such as dark wenge wood . Flooring coupled with a dynamic display can work with or against your overall brand experience. Make sure that both play off one another.

6) Raise your roof
Raised flooring is a contemporary and chic way to take your competitive edge up a notch and stand apart at your next show.  Just keep in mind, it will cost more in shipping, labor and drayage than your simple fringed friend.  You also have to plan strategically for wire management. 

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