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How To Launch Your Trade Show Promotions with Foursquare

by Kat Shea 17. November 2010 20:06


With event marketers pressured by upper management to do more with less these days, it is key to the success of your event marketing program to attract buyers to your trade show booth.  To respond to this unique challenge Exhibitor Magazine reports that 31% of event marketers are turning to social media as the mouthpiece for their event promotions. Whether you are new to the realm of social media or are an industry veteran, below are some tips to boost your trade show promotions using Foursquare.

Foursquare is a social media mobile tracking device engineered to use GPS to map people (your customers) to trackable venues (trade shows). Create a Foursquare account to leverage your event communications and incentivize face-to-face attendance.

During set up at your next event, “check in” to the trade show venue using the Foursquare mobile app on your smart phone under “Places”. By checking in you will be able to see attendees, customers and other exhibitors who have also checked in.

Don’t forget to look up your competitors' promotions by checking under “tips” and “all tips”.
The person who most often “checks in” to the venue is dubbed the "Mayor".

Drive traffic to your booth by choosing to “friend” attendees and offer on-site “tips” (aka reasons to visit your booth – for live presentations, swag or a grand prize drawing).  Incorporating the Foursquare widget on your preshow online promotions is a good way to get attendees who do not already have the mobile app, to equip their smart phones and play around with the app before the tradeshow.

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