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How To Kick Some Booth With Your Photo Booth

by Nomadic Display 21. September 2011 18:07

A printed photo strip with Facebook account information promoting the event: EA Play

Trade show attendees love trade show giveaways.  Your job is to make your giveaway stand apart from the rest, deliver value to the recipient and work as a living PR piece for your brand.  If you need a unique and effective marketing tool on the show floor that’ll create buzz and attract more visitors to your trade show display, consider photo booths.  What makes a photo souvenir special is that your visitor is the star and people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy having their picture taken.

What Does It Do For My Brand?

Photo souvenirs are nifty for a few reasons:
  • A photo booth draws long lines of visitors to your trade show display which gives you an opportunity to promote your products/services while guests are waiting.
  • A photo booth offers your audience a fun souvenir of the event combined with a snap shot of your brand.
  • Photo booths create excitement and buzz around your brand. 

Take their photo against a branded backdrop (below) or a green screen so that a background image may be added. Print them instantly in your trade show booth or post them to a website for visitors to download and share after the trade show.

A branded photo booth and backdrop incorporated into the trade show booth

We interviewed one firm that offers a photo booth service to exhibitors.  Mike Limatola, Founder of Recorded Memories, explains that their digital portraiture machines, aka photo booths, provide a unique and effective way to generate leads, collect email addresses, promote websites and social networking pages that attendees may otherwise be reluctant to share. 

First - We work directly with exhibitors by determining their overall business goals and objectives. 
Second - We implement a photo strategy that will effectively put their product, service, message, and branding in the hands of hundreds or thousands of visitors.
Third - We then provide the equipment at the show and our employees attract guests to the trade show booth. Then we instantly provide visitors with a personal snap shot that creates a long lasting branded impression.
Fourth - We place all of the pictures on a unique landing page which gives attendees’ rapid photo access so they can email and share their pictures with: friends, family and business colleagues.  This provides long lasting marketing benefits because branded photos have the potential to go viral.

How Do I Measure Performance?
Providing measurable results is crucial to gauge the effectiveness of any marketing strategy and is important to provide upper management. Branded photos can be measured in a variety of different ways: 

  • Post your photos to a landing page on your website to measure page activity during and after the event.
  • Add your Facebook or Twitter account information to the photo and measure your additional fans and followers after the event.
  • Incorporate a unique offer code on the photo and measure the corresponding coupons or discounts redeemed after the show to measure sales.
  • Compare booth traffic or leads at events with and without the photo booth to help justify your promotional investment.

No matter what your goals or objectives are for each trade show, souvenir photos can be a great way to attract and engage with booth visitors.  Prospects leave with a positive impression of your company and take home a branded reminder they can enjoy until they're ready to make a purchasing decision which may be long after the event.


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