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How QR Codes Can Spice Up Your Tradeshow Routine

by Nomadic Display 7. April 2011 18:28

We talked in our previous QR code post about measures to take before making QR codes a regular in your Event Marketing lineup. We established that NOW is the time to hop on the mobile marketing bandwagon before it’s too late.  While you’re laying out the welcome mat for these pixilated powerhouses, below are some fun filled ways that you can use QR codes to solve common trade show quandaries.

1) Your Sales Team is Busy As A Bumblebee 
It’s great to have a traffic jam at your trade show booth because it makes your company a “must see” on the show radar, but you also want your prospects to be able to maximize their time in your booth and have a powerful brand experience.

Incorporating QR codes in your trade show booth graphics (so that they correspond to each product line/service) is a SUREFIRE way for customers to dynamically engage with your product and get what they need while they’re waiting in the booth queue.

2) Your Marketing Budget Is on A Diet
Because QR code generators are free, the only thing they cost you is your time.  Platforms like youscan.me can even provide you with helpful analytics on measuring the amount of scans your QR code receives.  QR codes are a fun way to keep booth attendees intrigued without breaking the bank. 

3) You’re Going Green
Printed collateral, a “nice to have” for the less technologically saavy, is costly and not environmentally friendly. By having your audience scan a QR code you can redirect them to your web assets such as: elit, product demos, corporate campaigns, locked forms/reports, whitepapers, social media channels – the possibilities are endless!!. QR codes are a leap in the right direction to growing your green efforts on the show floor.

4) Save Without Cutting Corners
As a trade show marketer international shipping is the feared elephant in the room.  We all know that shipping expenses will only continue to escalate with rising fuel prices.  By using QR Codes you can save a bundle on shipping and your prospects can have elit waiting from them when they open their inboxes.

5) Skyrocket Booth Activity
Having a QR code scavenger hunt will generate buzz on the showfloor and establish you as an industry think tank and technological guru.  Some Exhibitors even tie in their grand prize giveaway with QR codes. 

6) Expand Your Social Media Audience
QR codes are a fun way for you to redirect prospects to your social media channels and offer them an opportunity to engage with your brand on a more intimate level by connecting to your accounts.  You can monitor the scans by using youscan.me and compare them with the amount of people that have attached to you following the trade show and whoooala, you have a approximate conversion rate.

7) Turn Them OFF to ONline
After just one scan of a QR code you can easily turn your booth attendees from OFFline prospects to ONline leads!! Scan away!  

As an added bonus check out this cool video on the Hype over QR codes