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How Promotional Products Complement Your Trade Show Display

by Gwen Parsons 4. February 2015 16:30

Promotional products can play an important role in an integrated trade show marketing program. They can be used to draw traffic to your trade show booth, to target your audience or serve as a parting gift to thank visitors for their time.

Promotional products are usually given away for to visitors in hopes of positively influencing their purchase decision. So it’s important to keep two points in mind when choosing your promotional items. First, your gift should align with your brand or the campaign theme expressed in your trade show display. Second, the item you giveaway should provide value to the recipient.

The Advertising Specialties Institute conducts a Global Impressions Study each year. Their findings confirm that the best trade show promotional products are those attendees will find useful after the show.

Promotional items keep your brand visible to recipients so they remember you. For example, people keep desk accessories for up to 14 months and over 60% keep them at the office. This may explain why practical items like writing instruments and USB drives are among the most often cited giveaways. Calendars are a popular gift if you want to give visitors an item they will reference.

Shirts, bags and caps are popular too. Trade show attendees keep wearables such as caps and shirts if they’re attractive. Plus your brand gets the added benefit of being seen by more people.

Premium giveaways can also be used to target customer types. For example, reserve a higher priced gift for your most qualified prospects and offer a different, yet useful, item to all other visitors. Promote a gift to your top prospects in your pre-show marketing campaign and when they arrive to claim it they’ve identified themselves to your booth staff.

For further details on promotional product preferences by age, gender, income, geography or political persuasion, read the full report.

is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nomadic Display. She is a regular contributor to the Nomadic Display Blog and can be found at Google + and LinkedIn.


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