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Exhibitors, Boost Your Brand By Raising Your Roof

by Kat Shea 2. November 2011 19:13

Savvy marketers are grabbing attention and building brand awareness by "raising the roof" on their trade show displays. From our design studio through to the factory floor we've seen a dramatic increase in demand for overhead hanging signs in variety of organic and geometric shapes.

How Fabric Displays Can Save You Money…
Fabric displays demand attention on the show floor yet they’re compact, lightweight and easy to assemble so you save on storage, transportation, drayage and labor expenses.

What The Experts Have To Say…
Vince Alberta, VP of The Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitors Authority, even reports a recent surge in suspended fabric displays from years past, touching on their proven ability to drive brand exposure at trade shows and deliver ROI.

Lights! Camera ! Action!!!...
We’ve even made it easier for our customers to choose fabric graphics for their Nomadic display. Below is our newest step-by-step instructional video for Show Smart fabric installation and dismantle. Let us know what you think!!!




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