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Exhibitions As Art Can Imitate Life

by Gwen Parsons 12. March 2014 23:20

In the midst of one of this year’s biggest snow storms on the east coast, came a breath of spring in the form of an exhibition. Walking through the entrance to the 185th Philadelphia Flower Show was AWESOME.  While that word can be cliché, in this case it’s the only word that adequately described the vision before me.

Philly Flower Show

This year’s show was entitled “ARTiculture” and promised visitors a rare opportunity to experience a unique blend of art and horticulture. Many of displays were designed to celebrate the paintings and sculptures of artists including Alexander Calder, Michelangelo, Monet, Picasso, Pollock, da Vinci and Dali.

Trade Show Displays

All of the exhibits on display were made of fresh and dried flowers, grasses and other organic materials, creating remarkable illusions like this sushi buffet.

Trade Show Exhibits

Daring displays of artistry featured dazzling colors infused with the scent of fresh flowers.

Portable Displays

Crowds walked through the exhibition galleries admiring the wide variety of creative installations and masterful arrangements.

Since most trade show displays don’t possess an alluring scent, maybe the next best thing is graphics that make you think it does.

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