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Eight Ways to Jumpstart Your Trade Show Display Traffic

by Gwen Parsons 29. January 2014 15:30

Why do some trade show displays attract bigger crowds than others? With only a few seconds to engage trade show visitors, it pays to try new ideas.

trade show success

1.    Build anticipation
Attendees often plan their visit to the trade show floor in advance. A show promotion strategy designed to peak curiosity will put your trade show booth on their “must-see.” Purchase the pre-registered attendee list  to get your message out via email, direct mail and social media. Learn more about pre-show communications.

2.    Seeing is believing
Demand attention for your trade show display with a large screen presentation. Play a video or animation on continuous loop. Tip: For more on motion graphics.

3.    Lighten up
Capture attention with backlit graphics that make your trade show display stand out. Get tips for creating show-stopping graphics

4.    Sound travels
Visitors are attracted to sounds coming from trade show exhibits including music, a presenter’s voice, audio supporting your video, even laughter. Tip: Laughter is contagious.

5.    Scentsibility
Our sense of smell is the strongest for triggering association and memory. “Good” aromas such as fresh baked cookies or just brewed coffee can lure visitors to you. Tip: Make sure the aroma relates to your marketing message. Visit South Walton infused the air with the smell of coconuts to promote their seaside communities.

6.    Taste it
Take advantage of knowing that attendees walking a trade show floor will get hungry and thirsty. If your company is associated with food products, sampling builds traffic and demonstrates quality. Even bottled water would be welcomed by your visitors. Tip: Refreshments also lengthen the duration of a visitor’s stay at your trade show booth.

7.    Touchy subject
A visitor’s tactile experience starts with a handshake to accompany your smile. From there, a hands-on experience with your product or other forms of participation like an interactive touch screen. Even a comfortable sofa can add to the tactile experience. 

8.    Live it up
Research indicates that trade show exhibits with live presentations are more memorable. Draw visitors in with theatre-style seating to view a magic or game show, scripted product introduction, dramatic or vocal production. Tip: Small gatherings generate curiosity from passersby who may stop to watch, thereby increasing the size of the crowd.

trade show success

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