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An Exhibitors Tale of Show Smart Victory

by Kat Shea 14. July 2011 19:36

(from left to right: Marc Goldberg, Jerry Gerson, Mim Goldberg with their ultra sleek Instand pop-up display)

Marc Goldberg, a veteran exhibitor and co-owner , with Mim, of Marketech360, a company specializing in exhibit staff training and performance measurement, began his trade show trials and tribulations almost 40 years ago!  Fresh out of college, Marc landed his first job requiring his participation at the American Bookseller Show (his very first trade show).  

Inspired and enamored by the hustle and bustle of show and sell, Marc soon after embarked on his challenging journey of training exhibitors to be experts in face to face. Marc saw that there was a void that needed to be filled in terms of providing exhibitors essential training to help measure their trade show performance and improve their face-to-face marketing results.

At this point, all Marc needed was a creative platform to promote his services and bring his brand to LIFE.  Little did Marc know what Show Smart moments lie ahead with his Instand® display!  As soon as Marc was able to get his hands on our revolutionary Instand pop-up display, he took the show on the road! Making its much anticipated debut at TS2 in 1987, since then the Marketech 360 pop-up display has been quite the seasoned traveler, standing behind Marc and Mim 2-3 times EVERY year.  

(Above: Meet Marc and Mim's creative launch pad, seasoned traveler and exhibiting copilot: Instand) 

Instand's ultra portability allowed for Marc to travel from show to show with his display nestled perfectly in the back of his Honda - no need to worry about drayage, I&D and escalating freight costs. Marc's Instand display was his versatile exhibiting co pilot and allowed for him to update his trade show graphics from show to show, year to year. The Marketech Instand display received a lifetime of display versatility in that during its 22 years of exhibiting it never came back once for repairs, now that's a return on investment!

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