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6 steps to jumpstarting your trade show program with QR codes

by Nomadic Display 15. March 2011 18:10


QR Codes are fastly becoming a trademark of the mobile marketing world and are growing in popularity.  QR’s have marketers everywhere scrambling to place them in their campaigns. But, how, as a trade show marketer can you integrate QR codes into your face-to-face initiatives? You don’t have to be an IT junkie to appreciate our helpful hints on leveraging these PIXILATED POWERHOUSES.

1) Know your audience
According to comScore, Inc, a leader in measuring the digital world, 45.4 million people own smart phones, which is 19% of all cell phones now active in the U.S.  Does your target audience have smart phones?  If not, your creative use of QR codes may be in vain. See if QR’s are suitable in YOUR marketplace by conducting a poll.

2) Select Your Medium
Establishing where you want to embed your QR codes is the second step to igniting your mobile marketing efforts. They can be incorporated into online and print media.  Plus, you can measure the number of people engaging with your brand through QR codes to help determine the success of your campaigns.

3)Choose Your Platform
You can generate standard QR codes for FREE using a QR code generater like the one available at YouScan.me.com.  You can also purchase customized QR codes with colors or imagery on request.  From a design perspective steer clear of design elements that may border the QR code because it may interfere with the user's scanning process.

4)Reproduction Tips
Make sure your QR code is fully opaque to allow for swift scanning. If the QR codes detract from the aesthetics of your creative artwork, consider applying them discreetly, like on the back of your literature. Be careful when you’re resizing QRs, if they’re too small or too close together it will be difficult to scan which will only irritate users. Make sure that you test your QR code multiple times with different smart phone platforms (Iphone, Blackberry,Android) before sending it to print.

5)Empower Your Viewers
You don’t want prospects to abandon your campaign simply because they’re not supplied with the right scanner.  So make sure to supply your audience with a url where they can download the QR code scanner that will work with all smartphones: Blackberry, IPhone or Andriod. 

6)Track Your Results
Like any other marketing effort you'll want to measure its performance.   based on the scans it receives supply metrics boasting your campaign’s success. Your QR code should direct your audience to a clear call to action such as: a website registration form for VIP passes to your event, a landing page featuring a map to your trade show booth on the show floor or entry into an in-booth contest with a grand prize drawing.

Follow these Show Smart steps and your next event is guaranteed to Stand Apart!!

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