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6 Steps to Exhibiting Magic Part II

by Nomadic Display 1. March 2011 18:07

Back by popular demand are 6 more tips from the Trade Show Coach to casting exhibiting magic on your trade show program. 

In the wonderful world of exhibiting, and as the trade show season starts up again don’t you yearn for that magic wand to give a quick magical fix to your trade show trials and tribulations.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have attendees motivated to flock to our trade show booths because they wanted to and not because they had to?  The question is, “what magic can you perform on the trade show floor, to help captivate and charm your prospects’ with your products/services?”  The following six  will give you some irresistible ideas to get your creative sensibilities flowing:

1. Expect the unexpected
Many of history’s greatest discoverers and inventors happened across their major discovery quite unexpectedly.  Often, they were looking for something else.  Remember Christopher Columbus set out looking for India, and lo and behold, look what he found!  What are the two most unexpected things that might mysteriously happen during your next exhibiting experience?

2. Put magic into your thinking
When you ask yourself “what if” questions you stretch your thinking and plant the seeds for creative new ideas.  What if ghosts and goblins were to roam the show floor?  What if exhibit booths could fly around the show hall positioning themselves right in front of your major prospects?  What if people wearing special glasses were the only attendees able to see your exhibit display?  What if you tried this exercise?

3. Slay a dragon
Dragons elicit fears, and fears often stand in the way of you doing new and creative things.  So many exhibitors fear uncharted territory.  You fear the unknown and you fear failure.  Take time to look at those fiendish creatures that hold you back from being and doing all you can before, during and after the show.  What dragons can you slay?

4. Learn from others
There are countless people and situations you can learn from.  The key is being open and receptive, and in essence, being prepared to be a lifelong learner.  Look to the past and learn from historical figures, borrow ideas from innovators, learn from others’ mistakes, use ideas from the patterns and cycles in nature.  Where can you look for some magical theory?

5. Transport people to another place
J.K. Rowling performed incredible magic transporting people around the world to the enchanted magical world of wizards, spells and mythical beasts in her Harry Potter series.  In fact there is a wealth of folklore, mythology and history that shimmers beneath the surface of her stories.  How can the magic you dream up transport your exhibiting program to another level?

6. Go where others fear to tread
When you exercise the courage to do something different, you take a risk.  You have a risk muscle that you keep in shape through regular exercise.  It takes courage, a pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure to overcome the scary stuff and seek out unknown opportunities.  How can you exercise your risk muscle?

Here is an exclusive Bonus Tip that I thought I’d add for you to lock away in your exhibiting arsenal
7. Believe in your success
Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”  Believe that the creative ideas you conjure up will bring you untold successes.  Now all you need do is wave your magic wand to put them into action.  Which ideas will you start with?
The moral of the article is to never get caught without your wand, as you never know when you might need it!

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Susan Friedman, the Trade Show Coach, is our featured guest blogger.  She's an industry think tank, author and trainer. Susan helps companies worldwide get the most out of attending trade shows and industry events.  The Trade Show Coach is known in the industry for designing and implementing strategies for show organizers and exhibitors who want to retain and grow their customer base.