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4 Tips To Launcing Your Twitter Messaging To The Twittersphere and Beyond!

by Nomadic Display 28. January 2011 20:24

At this point, Twitter’s viral pace is no secret, winning over the hearts of 70% of the Event Professionals.  Twitter is a prime tool to turn online communities into valuable organizational assets. Case and point:  in less than one month the Consumer Electronics Show generated 150,000 tweets, using the hash tag #CES. The Consumer Electronic Show's social media synergy exemplifyies excellent pre show buzz.  Below are some Show Smart tips for using Twitter to engage your audience at your next trade show.   

1)Tweet ahead
Although Twitter is engineered for spontaneous micro blogging, you should have a Twitter strategy mapped out specifically for each event.  If you think you’ll be too busy for timely tweets, you can schedule them ahead of time by using automated platforms such as Hootsuite or Tweetlater.

2)#Hash it Out
Incorporate the official event hash tag(s) in your pre-show marketing communications, so that your audience knows where to find you in the twittersphere

Better yet, create your own event #hash tag that includes the official event hash tag to isolate your messaging in a custom twitter stream for your audience. This is ideal for larger trade shows where hundreds of exhibitors use the same official event hash tag ex:#ShowName. Eventually people will follow your messaging under #boothABC and not #ShowName.

Example: “Don’t forget to stop by [Your Company Name] to talk to some of our experts #boothABC. 

3) Organize a Tweet Off
Expand your visibility at the event by collaborating with other exhibitors in a Tweet Off.  Partner with other exhibitors to guide visitors on a giveaway scavenger hunt from booth to booth and make sure you have plenty of collateral to provide them when they stop by your booth.
4) Lets Tweetup!
To show your appreciation, invite your followers to your booth for a meet and greet.  Audience members following your event hash tag can come to your booth for a live demo, a prize drawing or a refreshment. 

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