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4 Tips For Show Stopping Booth Graphics

by Nomadic Display 14. December 2011 18:46


We like how our client Averna reinforces their brand Sky High on suspended fabric graphics, on luminous backlit display counters and on strategically placed graphic signage

Back by popular demand is part II of our previous post, Show Smart Steps To Winning Trade Show Booth Graphics. This past year there has been a lot of buzz around “Winning”, from Charlie Sheen’s comical tirades to the fiercely competitive Dancing With The Stars. But, in the world of exhibiting how do you know if you have winning trade show booth graphics? Below is a checklist of “winning” qualities that could earn you “best in show”.

Does your trade show display have…..

Headturning Headlines
With headlines think: “less is more” and “quality over quatity”. You want to limit your text to a few words that effectively communicate your value proposition. The more clear and concise your headline, the more likely the attendee is to actually read it. Keep in mind that it takes an average attendee a minimum of 6 encounters with your brand to remember you, so the more you can reinforce your brand via catchy headlines the more likely your audience is to remember your trade show booth.

Simple Typeface
There’s an entire library of fancy fonts out there and as elegant and sophisticated as they look, they are also exceptionally difficult to read from a distance (even for generation “Y”ers). Use a typeface that obviously complies with your branding guidelines but keep fancy fonts off of your trade show booth and instead explore contrasting color colors to make your typeface POP (like our client Averna - above uses jet black and a vibrant yellow). Remember – you have just 3 seconds to captivate your audience’s interest so everything from your graphic selection down to your typeface should be carefully considered.

A Visual Heirarchy
Capitalizing on your visual real estate (your trade show booth) is the key to effective trade show booth design. Compelling imagery and your logo should be at the epicenter of your trade show booth graphics. Establish early on what your visual heirarcy is going to be - make sure that imagery and text do not compete with each other and that the combination of each reinforce your brand.

Get Your Message in Motion
Nothing catches an attendee’s eye like a suspended graphic in motion (as movement can be detected in peripheral vision). As you’ll see with our client, Ferring Pharmaceuticals (below) the slight motion of their gravity defying fabric graphics enlivens their brand and makes their display stand out from the rest of the pack.

Your trade show booth graphics are your silent brand ambassadors.  Great graphics will communicate to your audience that you understand their toughest challenges and how  your products/services can provide a solution to these challenges .

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