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3 things that'll make your customers leap frog to your landing page

by Kat Shea 22. December 2010 17:58

What are you doing to increase traffic to your trade show booth?  Part of generating excitement about your trade show display and services is through your pre show promotions. Your event landing page is an integral part of pre show promotions and is the place to sell customers on putting your trade show exhibit on their “must see” list.  Below are some tips on optimizing your landing pages so that your key buyers won’t miss out on your trade show booth.

1) Harness the power of SEO
93% of your potential prospects start their formal buying process with an Internet search.  Increase the likelihood that your website will be delivered in search results by including your top keywords in the messaging on your landing page.  Additionally, by incorporating keywords you can expect improvement in your company’s search engine ranking.

2) Assure visitors a smooth landing
Use the same overall theme, graphics and typeface on your landing page as in your email communications. If your email and landing page are visually disconnected, you could risk confusing visitors into abandoning your event landing page.   

3) Welcome your visitors to their final destination
Many times a visit to your landing page will be a prospect’s first interaction with your brand so make sure to educate them about your company and your products/services. 

Motivate prospects to visit you at your upcoming event by expressing your offer with a sense of urgency. Be sure to include information on your event incentives, location, booth number, date and giveaways.  

Clearly state the next step or “call you action” whether it's submitting an online form or attaching to your social media channels.

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