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rent or buy: What’s Right For Your Company? 3 common factors that effect the decision making process. Read factor 1.

by Nomadic Display 17. November 2009 00:56

While the desire to save money may be universal, each company has their own unique set of criteria for their decision making process. Three common factors effect the decision making process. They constitute the constraints under which all programs must function. They are performance, time and cost.

Only after carefully considering these factors will you be able to determine if renting or buying a display is the best option for your company.


Display performance is defined by your exhibit design requirements and frequency of use.

Your event program may require different configurations to suit different space sizes or alterations to target different audiences. These are not always efficiently achieved with the purchase of a single display. Trade show rental displays often use light-weight modular components which are best suited to being rearranged to form unique design solutions. They provide you with the freedom to meet event specific requirements.

Exhibit Rental Design 2941
Your company may be interested in test marketing a new product or entering a new market. Renting a display offers you the ability to undertake these opportunities with minimal financial obligation.

Your company may own a smaller exhibit for use at multiple shows but take a larger space for that once-a-year national event. A one-time rental may be just what you need whether it’s a whole new display or elements to expand your existing property such as greeting stations, interactive kiosks, audiovisual presentations, or even storage.

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If your company is new to trade shows, renting your display is a low cost way to enter a new marketing medium. Why not experience a trial run before committing to a display purchase? Some companies may allow you to apply a portion of the rental cost towards a purchase.

Exhibits rent for about 25-30% of their purchase price. So if you don’t plan to use the same display at least three times in an annual fiscal year, it usually makes sense to rent.

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