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rent or buy: What’s Right For Your Company? 3 common factors that effect the decision making process. Read Factor 3.

by Nomadic Display 18. November 2009 23:14
While the desire to save money may be universal, each company has their own unique set of criteria for their decision making process. Three common factors effect the decision making process. They constitute the constraints under which all programs must function. They are performance, time and cost.

Only after carefully considering these factors will you be able to determine if renting or buying a display is the best option for your company.


Displays are viewed as a variable expense that effects bottom line financials. Consider your company’s preferences for how costs are recorded. Ask yourself:

  1. Does my company prefer to retain its cash and appear more profitable to its shareholders?
  2. Would my company prefer to add a display as an asset to its balance sheet which may be depreciated over its useful life (typically 3 to 5 years)?
  3. Will it be difficult for me to secure approval for a one-time capital expenditure to purchase a display?
Companies that prefer to retain their cash rather than making a capital investment, will see the financial benefits of renting a display.

Reducing your operating expenses by renting a display can free up funds to be used on other areas of exhibit marketing.

Exhibit Rental Designs
In some cases, exhibit rentals are bundled together as a turn key or all-inclusive package. Purchasing some or all of your services from a single-source may enable you to realize additional discounts. Turn key solutions may include customized design rendering, graphic production, structures, lighting, delivery, step-by-step installation instructions, labor supervision and pick-up.

Even greater savings can be achieved on transportation when you rent a display in the city in which it will be used.

And finally, rental displays offer savings by eliminating all ownership costs. Those often “hidden” costs may include monthly storage, in and outbound inspection, repairs, refurbishment, upgrades and disposal.