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rent or buy: What’s Right For Your Company? 3 common factors that effect the decision making process. Read Factor 2.

by Nomadic Display 17. November 2009 22:28
While the desire to save money may be universal, each company has their own unique set of criteria for their decision making process. Three common factors effect the decision making process. They constitute the constraints under which all programs must function. They are performance, time and cost.

Only after carefully considering these factors will you be able to determine if renting or buying a display is the best option for your company.


Major company purchases are passing through 4-5 key decision makers. Even when the budget is approved and a vendor selected, there may not be time for the production of a purchased display. Because rental displays are designed using repeatable components already in inventory, the time to produce a display is significantly reduced.

Your company may book a new event on short notice when existing display properties are already committed. Or you may have events scheduled too close to risk shipping your display from one event to the next. A rental display can quickly fill your temporary resource “gap.”

Come back tomorrow to read about Factor 3.