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You received a bad location at your next trade show. How can you make sure visitors still come to your booth?

by Nomadic Display 17. May 2010 23:12
It’s good that you have recognized this may be an issue early on. This gives you time to address the matter, and take proactive actions to drive people to your display. There are four areas you can focus on: pre-show activity, on-site activity, show sponsorship and exhibit design.

Pre-Show Activity
Send a creative mailer and email to as many people as possible (your database, to key prospects and to pre-registered visitors), and give them a reason to come to your display. Either invite them to use it as their starting point, where they can have a coffee and leave their coats, or to come along and pickup a mystery gift.

On-Site Activity
Be creative about your display activity and do something that pulls in the crowds. You can employ a crowd gatherer, a professional speaker for your presentations, or do something that involves visitor participation (photography or live testimonials).

Show Sponsorship
Speak to the show organizer about sponsorship ideas that will get you noticed. These could be banners in the hallway leading to the show, putting items in the show bags, or sending a reminder to the hotel rooms. Be sure to find a way to measure its success and whether it was worth the investment.

Exhibit Design
Build your display as high as possible and suspend your branding by using tension fabric structures, so you can be
seen from the show floor. Use bright, striking and vibrant colors and graphics to attract attention. Better still,
create an unusual and memorable theme for this year’s show, and tie it in with everything you do to set you apart
from other exhibitors.


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