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Working with someone that has a green expectation? Then consider Exhibit rentals as an option.

by Nomadic Display 21. April 2010 21:43

Looking for a green way to exhibit without breaking the bank? I suggest you consider an exhibit rental.

But what makes this growing exhibiting trend a way to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and greener earth? When you rent an exhibit, you’re more likely to rent it from a vendor whose warehouse is located near your show venue. This translates to less transportation time and reduction in fuel use. Another green advantage is that exhibit rentals encourage re-use of exhibit components that would have otherwise been left to disintegrate in storage areas.

And because of the savings you gain from renting your exhibit, you will have more money for creative “green” giveaways that will help you attract attendees to your booth.

To learn more about the benefits of exhibit rentals, obtain a copy of our latest white paper - Is the Rental Revolution Right for You?

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