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What you need to know to effectively work with your Exhibit Designer

by Nomadic Display 2. February 2010 00:40
In general you need a display that serves as a branding tool and a selling tool. Combining your goals with the elements of strong, effective design is challenging. And it is critically important to embrace the appropriate display design to facilitate the best possible presentation of your marketing message and value proposition. This is why its important to have skilled professionals on your side.

While you undoubtedly have many other responsibilities, allow yourself plenty of time for a new display design. Waiting too long to get started can result in a design not achieving its full potential. In addition, you want to avoid extra fees such as rush charges to expedite the fabrication of your display. Work backwards from your show date and allow yourself:

• Two weeks to circulate your objectives and gain consensus and establish a budget
• Two weeks to start meetings with your display designer and obtain a production schedule
• Four weeks to six weeks to finalize your design, approve graphics, complete fabrication and ship

Begin the conversation by sharing your goals and objectives with your Display Consultant. They need to understand what you hope to achieve at the show: they’ll have the insight to help you position your products and services in the most effective way possible.


Many display companies use a questionnaire to help gather information. A brief enables you to gain the internal support from key stakeholders – members of your management team, marketing and sales teams – by capturing and documenting a shared vision. The brief will serve as a platform between you, your Display Consultant and your Display Designer. In addition you may use it as a benchmark against which to evaluate design proposals.

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