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What makes a great graphic? Keep these design elements in mind.

by Nomadic Display 1. December 2009 23:37
12_01_09Graphic designers and artists spend years and years studying the many dispa rate elements that go into creating a great graphic. While we could certainly use the rest of this space sharing just a fraction of what they know, we’ll simply touch upon a few highlights.

A great graphic is first and foremost a communication tool. It attracts attention and conveys your message clearly and concisely. Ideally, your trade show graphic is easy to read, and will appeal to your target audience’s interest and sense of style.

A number of elements go into designing a great graphic: color choices, contrast, shape selection, size and amount of text, and more. All of these elements must work coherently together to reinforce your brand, as well as fulfill a functional purpose, such as identifying your company exhibit or spot-lighting a new product. Booth position does have an impact, but never as much impact as a great looking trade show exhibit, interactivity and fantastic booth staff.