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What is the part of a Trade Show that pays off the most?

by Nomadic Display 16. July 2010 22:44
Exhibiting is not rocket science. I guarantee if you follow a systematic approach from start to finish you will get results. The problem is exhibitors generally don’t put as much effort into the follow-up process as they do into everything else. Following up after the show may be the most laborious part of the process, but it is the part that makes your trade show pay.

Work out your cost per lead and then multiply it by the number of leads you didn’t thoroughly follow up ($75 per lead x 20 leads = $1500). That’s how much money you have just wasted.

I am impressed by the number of exhibitors who actually follow up while they are still at the show. Recently, a photographic company emailed my photo to me on the same afternoon I visited their booth. A dedicated and persistent approach to follow up will impress buyers, giving them a positive indication of how you conduct your business.

So start at the end. Plan how you are going to follow-up before you do anything else and get everyone in your company to buy into and commit to your plan.

The key to success is long term follow-up. Research shows it takes an average of seven hits before you get the order. Mix and match the methods you use, from email to letter, fax and phone. Follow-up twice as long and you will get twice the result.

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