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What is the most effective method of following up on leads after a show?

by Nomadic Display 20. May 2010 19:42
Whether you choose to follow up by mail, email or phone is not the issue. The two most important things about following up leads are firstly to do it immediately after the show, and then secondly to continue to follow up in the long term.

Hot leads go cold very quickly and Trade Show leads are the hottest you will get. It’s paramount that you get to the prospect before your competitors do. Remember that visitors to the show won’t necessarily have an immediate requirement, so you must make sure you continue to keep in touch with them and remain on their radar for when they do eventually need you.

Two scary statistics: 70 per cent of Trade Show leads are never followed up and only 25 per cent per cent of leads are followed up more than once. It takes on average seven contacts to turn a prospect into a customer, so if you follow up your leads and continue to do so over a long period of time you stand a very good chance of winning the business. Follow up twice as long to get twice the result, three times as long to get three times the result. You get the picture.


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