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What can you provide your boss to show that it is worth spending part of the marketing budget on trade shows?

by Nomadic Display 25. May 2010 23:29
If it is hard facts you are looking for, then you may want to share your cost per lead figure and your return on investment number for Trade Shows with your Financial Director.

The problem being, the only way you’ll ever make sense of these sorts of figures is if you measure the results of a
number of shows over a considerable period of time. With extensive data you can see how you do year-on-year at any given show. You can then compare your achievement at various shows with each other. You must compare the data you have collected from exhibiting, to the data collected from other marketing activities you undertake. When you do this, you should also measure and compare the life-time value of customers you gain from different activities: i.e. the amount of money they spend with you throughout the duration of the relationship.

911375_63941875But the point you will need to make, is that even with years’ worth of valuable data at hand, this type of measurement only represents part of the picture. It is very difficult to accurately measure some of the true benefits that being at trade shows provide, like helping you raise your company profile and gaining PR exposure.


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