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What can you do when your staff has a complacent attitude about working the booth at your next trade show event?

by Nomadic Display 18. May 2010 22:13
Firstly, you have to decide if you are going to tackle this alone or draft in some outside help. You may benefit from getting an outside consultant to work with you and your team on analyzing previous performance, setting objectives and targets for the next show and learning how to be more proactive and effective at the show.

While there may be some initial resistance, you will be surprised that even those most resistant to change will want to succeed. See if there is anyone else in the company who would like to work the display, as some fresh blood may shift things by adding a bit of healthy competition. Along with the targets you set, offer some small incentives for individuals, or the team if they surpass all the goals set. Then find a way in which you can recognize everyone’s achievements post-show.


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