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What are the underlying benefits of renting a trade show display?

by Nomadic Display 2. April 2010 00:15
Just a few years ago, if you wanted to ensure you had a dynamic, effective display, your only option was to purchase a customized exhibit. If you wanted to reduce costs by renting an exhibit, you had to make do with generic, one-size-fits-all, often unimaginative displays. This is no longer true.

Today’s top exhibit producers are offering rental displays that are fresh, dynamic, compelling to visitors and customized to meet your unique needs. Now exhibitors can enjoy all of the benefits of custom design impact, effective brand communication, and functionality – and still save money.

But here are other ways an exhibit rental can benefit you and your company’s bottom line:
  • More cash for your company
    Companies that prefer to retain their cash rather than making a capital investment, will see the financial benefits of renting a display. Reducing your operating expenses by renting a display can free up funds to be used on other areas of exhibit marketing.
  • Exact costs per show

    With so much emphasis on ROI, exhibit rental provides a convenient way of determining the exact cost of your booth for every show. This helps you streamline budgeting, accounting, and measurement processes.
  • No costs of ownership
    Renting exhibits frees you from costs involving storage, maintenance, refurbishment, handling, insurance, and eventually disposal.

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