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What are the added benefits of eye-catching graphics? Read on and find out!

by Nomadic Display 23. April 2010 21:55

Article-pic To maximize the results of your participation in a display event, such as a tradeshow or convention, it is essential that you capture the attendee’s attention, engage with them on multiple levels, and reinforce your brand image.

Graphics play a pivotal role in this task. The better your graphics are, the easier your job as a marketer becomes. Why? Because, in essence, great graphics help in your sales process.

First, great graphics attract audience attention. Visually engaging your target audience involves using carefully selected colors and design elements, to spark curiosity about a new company or to serve as familiar signposts to a friendly face.

Because great graphics clearly communicate not only who your company is, but how you do business and what products and services you’re offering, they attract more qualifi ed prospects to your display.

For example, a buyer for a line of stores specializing in novelty products will take one look at the graphics for a high-end jewelry supplier and realize that they don’t need to visit them. Meanwhile, the buyer for a line of luxury boutiques will hone in on the message given and be attracted to the display. This increases your potential sales. Your graphics act as a reminder for attendees who are familiar with your company to visit you, and they introduce your products and services to completely new prospects.

Great graphics are also one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your target audience. Since your graphics can be seen by a number of people at once, you’re projecting your marketing message in a very cost-effective manner. Well-designed graphics convey essential information about your company to event attendees, maximizing the amount of data that can be conveyed during the average attendee’s split-second attention span.