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What activity delivers the opportunity to meet & qualify 200 or more prospects in a short time?

by Nomadic Display 29. June 2010 23:49

Trade Shows.

Picture 1 Let’s start with a simple exhibiting equation: more leads equal more business, which means the potential for business from trade shows is huge. What other marketing activity delivers the opportunity to meet and qualify 50, 100, 200 or more prospects in such a short period of time?

As a typical rule of thumb, you are likely to gain between one percent and 10 percent of the visitor audience in leads. For example, 5,000 visitors multiplied by five percent equals 250 leads. Although, for most exhibitors, lead numbers are likely to be at the lower end of the scale.

The starting point is to consider the information you wish to capture. You can use a data scanner offered by most show organizers, but don’t think simply of capturing a list of names. Use the data scanner in conjunction with a well thought through lead form. Never ask more than five key questions, so you get the information you need and the visitor doesn’t get bored.

Motivate your booth staff with targets and incentives to collect leads. Even small awards will add a competitive and fun element: ‘top person each day’, ‘top person overall’ and a team prize if you exceed your show goal. It works. I have witnessed booth staff running around at the end of a show talking to fellow exhibitors, trying to gain the last few leads to ensure they hit their targets.

Think of every piece of activity around the show as a way to generate leads. All the contacts you make from networking, workshops, pre-show marketing and so on, should be added to your total lead count.

Each lead represents an opportunity, but if you grade them in order of importance when you are at the show, you will be able to attack the most promising first. Even if your key objective at the show is not to collect leads, shouldn’t you have at least a modest lead target to aim for? If you create a base of measurement then you have a target to exceed every time you exhibit.

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